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In the first phase its important to clearly envision and define what you aim to be. Clearly state what the business is set up to do and achieve. Whilst Mission Statements are seen as old hat by many, setting a clearly defined picture of where you want to get to, has many advantages. For one, until you define it – when will you know when you’ve got there? Anticipate threats – know your own weakness and strive to strengthen them. Validate the opportunities. Why now, why buy from you. Uniquely imagine what could be.


Evaluating the current state of your business is an absolute must when looking to implement any change programme. Knowing where you’re coming from is a necessity to enable you to plan the steps in the direction you’re intending to travel; you’ll be aware of your current processes and organization, customers and suppliers. But are you using the right software, is your organization culture consistent to your sales offering. In phase 2 we simply write down everything we currently know about the business “as-is”. Now let’s map the route forward, How we intend “to be”


Take control. Make choices. Control your business. Give yourself every single available chance to succeed. Implement the controls to manage and mitigate the risks unique to your business, at a level that you are comfortable with. Empower your team and your organization. Give both the tools they need to deliver the solutions and offerings uniquely envisioned in stage 1. Change the structure, your people. Systems and business processes. Make interactions with you enjoyable. Excite your customers, make your suppliers want to do business with you. Attract success through social media channels.


Keep checking how you are doing. Improve, get better, excel. Corney we know – but if you’re not moving forwards, you’re most probably going backwards. Continuous re-invention, set key business metrics and performance targets. You know what they are. Monitor them. Measure them. Reward behaviours that grow the company, have processes capable of identifying and stripping out waste or inefficiency before they take hold. Even the external environment can steer your forwards faster. Accept rules and comply with regulations; accommodate allcomers, but on your terms.


Focus on growing your business, trust the accounting to us.

Here at Cubed we offer a complete range of services in order to help you achieve your personal and corporate goals.

We work closely with a wide variety of clients and believe that understanding our clients’ businesses is our main concern, so we are able to support with our team of chartered qualified accountants, business consultants and other dedicated back office team on hand to provide the best advice in a friendly manner.

Cubed was set up in order to simplify the accounting and tax experience that can be particularly daunting for someone who is new to self-employment or have recently or thinking about incorporating their own Limited company or partnership. We aim to support you through this and make the process as simple as possible allowing you to focus 100% of your time and energies on your business.

Cubed has built quickly due to referrals from existing clients, we run an generous customer referral program allowing our clients to earn commission for new clients introduced.

Our Mission

We are dedicated and qualified accountants and business consultants who offer a complete range of services in order to help you achieve your personal and corporate goals.

To provide a completely tailored solution for all our client’s business needs. We ensure our clients turn their knowledge and skills into adding value to their businesses.

We want to be the partner that our clients work with as they reach all their goals by focusing on delivering a professional, innovative, and personal solution to issues.

Cubed Transparent

Large enough to meet all your financial needs. Small enough to know your name when you call.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

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Here at Cubed we offer a complete range of services in order to help you achieve your personal and corporate goals.

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