Angel Investors – What They Are & Why You Should Consider Them

by | 22 Feb, 2022

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When Do I Need an Angel Investor?

Of course, the obvious answer here is “whenever you need the money for your startup that you don’t currently possess!” There are some predatory and unhelpful parties out there who can offer you the money you need for your business, but not all of them have good intentions (important note: it’s good not to make a habit of taking a loan from somebody you don’t know or trust!). With an angel investor, most of the risk and gamble is really on them, seeing as if they’re investing 100% of the funds that you require, it’ll be out of their pocket if it doesn’t work out, and not yours.

Comparing that to other types of investors or companies who may expect you to pay the money back, it’s obvious that an angel investor is the best route to take. You don’t always have to look for them either; sometimes they will come to you! If a person with sufficient finances and intentions spots someone who has been relatively successful in some aspect (whether it’s in business, art, music etc) they may give you the backing you need without asking, as they see your potential and an opportunity for them to grow along with you and your startup.


So, if you need investment from a high net-worth individual, you don’t technically have to whack on a suit and march onto a television set to pitch your idea to the hard, steely stares of successful businesspeople. Though if you do, kudos to you! If you’re looking to start up a business and really need a burst of investment to make it happen, it’s highly worth your while to consider an angel investor. There really isn’t too much of a downside. Every startup risks failure, but there’s also the chance for massive returns. A stake in your business isn’t too much to give someone if they are basically making it happen! If an investor is coming to you personally and is interested in investing in you, you should definitely consider the opportunity – they obviously see something very promising!

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